Restaurant Paging SystemAny restaurant manager knows the importance of balancing good customer service with the lowest possible labor costs. Not enough staff can mean poor customer service. Too many staff means an unnecessary loss of revenue. A restaurant paging system from BluFiWireless ensures that any restaurant or bistro can strike the perfect balance - maintaining good customer service while reducing unnecessary labor costs.

The restaurant industry can be divided into two main categories; restaurants, where customers are served at their table; and bistros where customers often have to wait for a table or collect a meal from a counter. Naturally, BluFiWireless has developed two restaurant paging systems to suit both these environments - a guest call restaurant paging system (Boomerang Adver-Coaster system and Boomerang Mini All in One System ) and a waiter call system (Boomerang Waiter Paging System).

Boomerang Adver-Coaster System



The Boomerang Adver-Coaster fills a gap within the Boomerang range. A pager that uses a smaller charging base for those locations where size matters. However the Boomerang Adver-Coaster does something that no other coaster style pager has ever done and that is to provide the customer with an advertising space on the pager that is easy to change without the need to have stickers printed.

Why should the customer sacrifice the ability to advertise on the pager just because they need something that is more compact than your standard rack type pager?

Designed with 4 pins for increased stability on the charging base and bright white LED lights when the alert is triggered the Adver-Coaster offers features far beyond the traditional coaster pager. Over The Air (OTA) commands will allow customers to select alert time and volume and the out of range mode will alert patrons should they travel too far from the transmitter. These along with a host of other features make the Adver-Coaster the pager you should choose when you are looking for a coast style pager.



Boomerang Adver-Coaster Pager

Small charging base for those locations where size matters.
4 pins for increased stability on the charging base.
Easy to change advertising space
Over The Air (OTA) commands allows you to select alert time and volume and the out of range mode.



BfTX 500 Transmitter

Durable and sturdy to withstand industry conditions
Code Format: POCSAG Code
Baud Rate - 512.1200 BPS
UHF Frequency
FND Display


Restaurant Paging System 


Boomerang Mini All in One System









Restaurant Paging System 

All the features but in a smaller more compact All in One format.

All in One system offers all the features of our other systems but in a smaller more compact All in One format. The charging base, pagers and transmitter are combined in one piece of equipment that holds up to 15 pagers.

The Boomerang Mini All in One is compact but it doesn't lack any of the features and power of the standard Boomerang Transmitter. With a range of up to 1000 yards the All in one system you can send your customers away to browse your store or even surrounding areas

Boomerang Transmitter and Charging Base

Compact size for small spaces

Range of Paging System: Up to 500 yards

User programmable pagers

Built-in clock display

Range testing mode

Boomerang Mini Pager

Rubber Bumper protect it from impacts 
Out of Range Pager Alert 
Promotional Advertising Inserts 
Vibration, flash, beep alerts


Boomerang Waiter Paging System


Page staff discreetly and effectively with the Boomerang Waiter Paging System

Boomerang provides the ideal solution for Waiter Paging Communications in all food service outlets. The Boomerang Waiter Paging System has been developed to provide seamless communications between kitchen and waiter staff.

Boomerang Waiter Pager

Very Heavy Duty Rechargeable pager.
Alerts: Vibrate, tone and flash.
Very Durable Belt Clips come with Lifetime Warranty!
Charging racks come in 6 or 15 slots.







Boomerang Waiter Transmitter

Range of Paging System: Up to 1000 yards
2 Watt transmitter power output
20 Button Transmitters available
Multiple call options x2 & x3 alerts
Time/Clock Display
Restaurant Paging System



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